The games in this section are mostly about fighting and defeating enemies and platforming. They require quick reflexes and appeal to those that seek action. 

Thing Thing 3

Play Thing Thing 3
Shoot all the enemies, get better weapons, rinse and repeat.

Tornado button mash

Play Tornado button mash
Play as a tornado, repeatedly press the Enter button to grow in size.

Super Mario Flash

Play Super Mario Flash
Another Super Mario type game, help Mario overcome his enemies and rescue the princess.

Super Flash Mario Bros

Play Super Flash Mario Bros
A Super mario type game. Help Mario find his princess, that's usually in another castle.

Playing with fire

Play Playing with fire
Another Bomberman type game, use your bombs to defeat the enemy. Pick up power-ups to get an advantage.


Play Deathworm
Play as a huge death worm and devour anything in your path. Use space to build up your jump.

247 Bombs

Play 247 Bombs
A Bomberman type game, use your bombs to destroy the opponents, be sure not to get hit yourself.


Play Alias3
Play as an artificial intelligent life form and destroy the enemy.

Age of war

Play Age of war
Destroy the enemies base. Build units through out five ages and defeat your enemy.


Play Achilles
Play as the legendary Achilles. Slay enemies and move forward

Ant Move

Play Ant Move
Safeguard and protect ants in their move to a new house.


Play Alias2
Play as an artificial intelligent life form and destroy the enemy

3foot Ninja

Play 3foot Ninja
get inside a valiant warrior ninja enemies pass dangerous.

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