This category contains different types of racing games and games that feature different automobiles.


Play Velocity
A very fun and interesting racing game. Pick up power-ups to gain an advantage.


Play Racer
A racing game where you use the mouse to steer, Stay on the road if you don't want to explode.

The fast and the furious

Play The fast and the furious
A interesting racing game, shift gears using SPACE, time it perfectly and pay attention so that you don't hit other cars.

Land Rider

Play Land Rider
Finishes the course as fast as you can. Try not to go off the road, it will slow you down.


Play Indestructotank
Your tank is indestructible, let yourself get hit by the bombs and bounce off the explosion to destroy the helicopters.


Play Autobahn
A very interesting racing game. Pass the other cars and don't hit them

4x4 Rally

Play 4x4 Rally
Race in a 4x4 car. Beat your opponents and win. Watch out you don't lose control.
Racing games

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