This category includes games where you are required to shoot different stationary or moving enemies to win.


Play Elasticity
Use the momentum and elasticity to throw the white ball and hit the red square.

Dead Tree Defenders

Play Dead Tree Defenders
Help your team mates defend the tree fort from monsters.

Cannon Ball Follies

Play Cannon Ball Follies
Help Sam reach his hidden treasure by using his cannon to shoot at the target.

Bow Master Prelude

Play Bow Master Prelude
Defend your keep from the enemy using arrows.

Bowman 2

Play Bowman 2
Play as a bowman and make your arrows hit your enemy.

Blazing Squad

Play Blazing Squad
Shoot the targets before they shoot you, make your squad proud.


Play 13daysinhell
You are a chose soul lost in hell. Shoot the lost souls that want to drag you back.

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