This category includes sports type games. From bowling, to foosball and others.

Ten Pin Bowling

Play Ten Pin Bowling
A regular game of bowling with ten pins. Well made and enjoyable.

Soccer Foosball

Play Soccer Foosball
A soccer type of foosball. A table type game. Use your team and win.

Puyo Bowling

Play Puyo Bowling
A game of bowling where you knock over cat like pins.

Goal in one

Play Goal in one
Shoot the ball and aim for the goal in one.


Play Foosball
Play a game of foosball, which is like football, except on a table.


Play Dumbolf
A golf game featuring a lovable elephant. Help him win the game.

Disk Golf

Play Disk Golf
Use your frisbee in to play golf, Make sure you don't throw out of bounds.

Caveman Foosball

Play Caveman Foosball
A normal game of foosball turned prehistoric. Use your cavemen and win the match.

Cat Bow Golf

Play Cat Bow Golf
Use your bow to fling the cat and hit the bullseye
Sports games

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