A peaceful stormy night

It’s a silent, sullen night tonight,
A time of respite in my life,
I sit by the window waiting,
Warming to a candle’s light.

Looking through a broken window,
To the sky that’s building up outside,
I watch the clouds gather like a blight,
Knowing they will bring just that.

But to me they are truly a delight,
I sway to the cold foreseeing winds,
As they pave the way for these rains.

And I feel currents run down my spine,
As the clouds form their storms.

I watch and bow with much delight,
To that sudden stunning flash of light,
And the boom that echoes through the night,
And i enjoy this savage, wondrous, natural sight.

Watching as the night sky screams flashes of light,
And drowns the world in booms thunderous might.

Let the world sink to waves of rain and light,
And drown the earth beyond sound and sight,
As all my worries lose their strength and die.

@Copyright Alexandru Stefan

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A peaceful stormy night

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