Troll on a romance road.

There was once a wounded troll,
Walking down a small forest road,
Trudging through the hardened mud,
Forever following that dirt road,
Through the lost and fallen hopes,
Through it's own shattered dreams.

Lost to time and to it's own itself,
He followed that single path ahead,
No matter the suffering, he went ahead,
Through the pain and fanatical world,
Hoping to find something at the end,
Hoping to find peace before the end.

But before he found the end he sought,
Something found the road he was on,
A light shining in the forest night,
A wounded creature that shined bright,
He watched in disbelief as it drew close,
He watched scared as it invaded his world,

The little creature did not care at all,
That the troll shied away from its sight,
She drew closer to hi's cautious side,
Shined her light and watched with delight,
As that single troll scurried from light,
As that troll marveled at that sight.


Copyright @ Alexandru Stefan

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Troll on a romance road

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