Winter occupies my thoughts,
While i'm lost in such white sights,
I feel so cold but its all right,
Even when the frigid winds decide,
That all the world be lost to sight.
Oh the moon is just so bright,
With just stars lighting the night,
A circle dome of bright flickering light,
Shining beyond the world's sight.
I move my sight this very night,
Over the vision of this world's light,
And all i could see in the moonlight,
Was just you in such bright limelight.
Like a star shining in a night,
That lights all our faded sights,
And i let my soul bask in delight,
Shivering in this cold winter night.
But then you let them fight,
Let your frigid wind blight.
Oh winter, make it right,
For one last time,
Let me feel the sight,
The cursed blight,
The frozen light,
As i pave the way,
For summer tides.

@Copyright Alexandru Stefan.

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Winter night

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