A man stands on a cliff his eyes empty, his soul broken, his heart turned to stone.
His skin is pale, lips are cracked and clothes are now mostly red, stained with blood. Precious blood, tainted blood but none of his own. Raising his hand he looks at it lost in thoughts, the nails are cracked, the skin ripped off in places and a small bell tied around it, it rings softly its the music warm, pleasant and gentle gets drowned by the raging torrents of battle.

His eyes focus and he watches below, humans, these miserable creatures, hurting and killing each other for greedy kings for useless reasons, but he feels no mercy, no pity. He looks above, the sky is bright and blue and he closes his eyes, the little bell sings again and he's not there anymore, not above that raging battle, not in the present, but in another place, in a memory, outside a small cottage far from the cities and it's humans yet under a the same blue sky, perhaps that is what triggered this memory. The wind blows softly making a simple wind-chime sing, it is a peaceful scene in a beautiful place. It beckons him closer and he takes a step and another, walking slowly. The cottage's door creaks opening, the little bell around his arm rings again, softly and it fills his ears, drowning the raging torrents of battle cries that want to pull him back to that wretched reality.
His face winces, he knows who is there, he hears her "Daddy, is that you?" he takes a step back, the door opens wide "Daddy, daddy" she runs to him, tears form in his eyes, he wants to embrace her, his princess, he remembers how it felt seein her laugh, seeing her beautiful childish smile but just as she reaches him, he tries to catch her, grasping only the air, she disappears, he could not touch her anymore, he could not hug her, he could not ruffle her hair.

The battle rages on below and the cries of pain pull him back to reality, his eyes open but only for a second, the little bell dragging him back to another memory with its song, another scene, another place, to the one that stole his heart, to the one that became his world.
Closing his eyes again he sees her, those beautiful eyes, he would stare at her until she blushed, her warm smile always lighting his day, her pleasant, kind voice, the way she talked, the way she walked, the way she acted he remembers her, she... was his world. The memories flood him, it pains him, everything he remembers stabs his now stone cold heart, she gave him so many amazing moments, yet he couldn't, he didn't save her, he wasn't there.

His vision turns red, he sees the blood, so much it spilled, its iron like smell propels him to his recent memories. He sees her again, now laying on the ground, holding his little princess, his rage grows, his heart cries, his soul turns black, something sharp, made of metal, sticks out of her back, he falls to his knees, tears welling up, the ground scraping his knees. He looks at them, seeing no sign of life, the memory cracks like glass and reality pulls him back.He looks at the battle raging below, he remembers, on the other end of that metal, that soldier, laughing, such disgusting sounds, it speaks "The king sends his regards, perhaps now you will reconsider".
He cannot believe everything he had, his world crumbled for power, for greed, for nothing. He cannot contain it, he cannot stop it, he does not want to, he does not care, the bell rings, the soldier, his smile turns to horror, in a flash his head left his body, a second, enough for him to realize, he was dead, his partner screams, he runs, or tries to, before he could move, his heart was outside of his body, he looks at it, still beating, turns, he hears a whisper "You wanted a monster, now the world has one one."

The bell rings, it rings of sadness, it rings of insanity. The scene plays again, and again, his anger rising, his voice crackles, for every ring, he feels the monster inside growing, for every ring of that little bell, he sees the scene again, he grunts, he cries, no more, he grabs it and throws it away, still on his knees, covering his ears, he hears it, one last time, he sees it "Daddy i want that bell, its so pretty."
It breaks him, he screams, like a wounded raging beast, he howls, his voice resounding everywhere, the skies turn dark, the wind stops, the tension rises in the air, his magic was abnormal. The battleling soldiers stopped in a moment of panic as they saw the sky blacken, they felt the blood lust, feelings of dread filled them, even more than the enemies they faced.
He screamed again, louder, still on his knees, like the howls of a demon , it made the sky crack like glass, spears of ice fell from the sky like a deadly rain, impaling everything as they stabbed the ground, the soldiers ran in every direction, fear enveloping them, they ran, not knowing what was happening. Many were impaled, their faces petrified in an expression of horror while some were not hit still alive, they ran, hoping to escape. Another raging howl swept the land, commanding the very ground to come alive, creatures of dirt, stones, roots, twisted and deformed rose, grabbing whatever soldier managed to escape the first wave of slaughter, pounding them, impaling them until none were left breathing.

He had power, power kings wanted, power he did not present to them. Power he would use to break the reality that killed his world.Nothing was left there, not one soul, not one witness, just a lone monster, crying for his world, laughing at the insanity he would impose on their reality.

He feels nothing now.

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A demon cries

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