A dusty old diary rests on a nightstand forgotten, decaying, the last proof of one man's existence. The wind blows through a recently broken window opening the old diary, it's words now visible.

August 26 2017
It's my birthday today and i just received a diary, who gives a diary to a 30 year old man? Well apparently my wife thought it would be fun to write one, i bet it's just because she wants to read whatever secrets i might have. I am on to her. Still it does seem like it would be interesting to leave some written evidence of my existence since i'm only writing e-books, in case the world ends and everything electronic stops working. I have to laugh at myself, the world ending, really...
I'm already writing stupid things here. The cake was pretty good though. I do make a good cake.
August 27 2017
My wife wanted us to go to a movie today, i knew the second she mentioned movie that it was going to be something boring, well that's what i though, i was wrong.
The movie was interesting actually, it made me tear up a bit, she obviously didn't let that chance slip by, she laughed and laughed and called me a cry-baby. I bet she planned that. She has such a beautiful laugh but i'm going to remember this.
The rest of the day was pretty much uneventful, i heard some disturbing news on the television but well i didn't pay it much mind.
August 28 2017
It's Monday, i so dislike Mondays, the very word brings me nausea, it's probably an after effect from the days i used to work a fixed schedule. Who knew i would actually be able to made a living from writing whatever came to mind, i certainly did not expect that. 
My wife left early today, said she had to redo some work from last Friday, she didn't have time to eat breakfast either. I made pancakes just to tease her. She muttered something mean as she went out the door. I laughed but of course i saved some for when she comes home.
I worked a bit on my novel, it was my first novel before i had been content just writing short stories. After a few hours i prepared dinner and when Diana came home we ate together, she was happy. I guess small gestures really do make for a happy marriage.
The television blurted out troubling news. It seems America and Russia were at each others throats again, metaphorically speaking of course. We changed the channel and watched a movie cuddling together.
August 29 2017
Today we ate breakfast together and it was basically the same day as yesterday, maybe i should try doing more diverse things so i would have more to write in this diary. Or maybe i should try inventing things, maybe turn it into a magicians diary?
The day was mostly uneventful, a certain news caught my attention though. A chinese company was ready to release a cancer curing drug.
Went to bed early.
August 30 2017
The dragon choked on one of my fireballs, that's what you get for not complying to my orders lizard. Next time maybe i should try making something less aggressive into a familiar. Almost burst an eardrum trying to pick mandrake roots, Those things yell too loudly, i'm only trying to make potions out of you, settle down.
After a hearty meal of fried dragon meat coupled with some fine mandrake root ale, yes ale, its like a potion isn't? Whatever, i was ready for some sleep, i wonder if i can keep the sheets levitating with my weight on them, seems like a good exercise.
August 31 2017
My wife was a bit upset at the previous diary entry, said if i want to write fiction i shouldn't use the diary. She's not getting any pancakes today. Also remind me not to try sleeping on levitating sheets again, almost broke a bone. Uh oh, she's giving me the look. How does she know that i'm still writing about that, sometimes it's like she can read my mind. More importantly why is she reading y diary and when?
Well what else am i supposed to write here, well not this obviously, the day was mostly uneventful but we did find a little abandoned kitten when we were out on a walk. We decided to keep it, my wife insisted on naming her Tinkerbell. I wanted to name her Panther, i did not give in to my wife. I'll call her Panther if it's the last thing i do.
September 1 2017
Tinkerbell is so cute, it's the most playful and friendly kitten i ever saw. I always wanted to name my first cat Tinkerbell, indeed i did... always... . Hey, don't judge me, the perks of giving in were quite tempting.
All the channels on the television today we're discussing news about the new drug that's curing cancer. Well it was time they stopped milking cancer patients for money with expensive useless treatments and started curing them.
Today we leave for our trip, visiting an island paradise resort. We always wanted to go there and we will be there for the whole weekend. I'm pretty sure this doesn't need any detailed mentioning in the diary so i'm just going to leave it at home. Plus i'm getting a bit bored of writing in it. Who knew? I did, from the start.
September 4 2017
The trip was great, it really is called a paradise resort for a reason. We visited a lot of beautiful places, bathed in the sparkling ocean, sunbathed on the golden beaches. i was a bit worried about Tinkerbell throughout the trip though. But thankfully our neighbor didn't forget to feed her. Well she had a lot of toys and space in the house, of course everything was a mess, how did she even reach the ceiling fan?
Later in the evening we were watching the news, one of the cancer patients treated with the new drug died, complications from side effects they called it. Something gave me a bad feeling about the whole thing.
September 5 2017
My wife woke me up early in the morning to watch the news, i knew that bad feeling was there for a reason.
Every television channel displayed the same disturbing news, more of the cancer patients treated with that drug had died. Every other remaining patient was quarantined. And an autopsy was ongoing to see what had happened to them. I was getting bad feelings all over. We went about our day after that. Tinkerbell decided our window curtains weren't nice so she tore them up. It was pretty fun seeing my wife drop her bag as soon as she entered the living and saw the curtains, the look of amazement of her face was fun to see, until she noticed me smiling an decided it was somehow my fault too. I had no fault though, i was in my study working, sure i heard some noises and i could have checked up on our kitten but why bother when the damage was already done, probably. I didn't get any dessert after dinner. 
To be continued.

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