On one Christmas day two kittens were bought for a little boy. The parents they figured that it was perhaps time for their little boy to learn of responsibility. He wanted a pet but they got him two and the joy that he opened the present was truly immense. The kittens were meowing and meowing in fear but the boy picked them up and hugged them very close. He thanked his parents and went on to play with the kittens still in his hands.
The days went on, the kittens got comfortable, they stopped being scared and clung to their owner wanting to play. There were many hours when he was not there but the kittens being kittens even without their little owner they still wanted to play. So they played and played and did many things, some things were broken, some furniture scratched but they did not care. The parents sure did but what did they think? That they would just wait until the owner was back? So the parents berated their son and he in his anger shouted at them i want them no more.
The parents were pleased the trouble was going. The father took the kittens as trusting they were and stuffed them in a bag to take them away. Far he took them from their once loving home to sad little corner near a garbage bin. The kittens did sense that something was wrong and meowed harder than ever before. The father said sorry and left them there.
The kittens now alone came out of the bag, they searched for their owner together with no luck in sight. For days they searched, meowing so sadly until they were dirty and so very hungry. They approached a few humans begging for food but not many liked their dirtied look. Some they approached even kicked the poor kittens and so was that their trust was broken.
And the days went by and turned into months and the two kittens turned into cats. They took different roads in their sad life. One turned distrustful, hated the humans and stole to survive the other kept trusting, still loved the humans and begged to survive. The one that kept stealing it's fur was all there, it looked healthy with no wound nowhere. The other one sadly was all beaten up, the worse that it looked the more humans hated the poor little cat. The one that was healthy was licking its paw and asked the one that was wounded "Why do you keep trying and all they have done?" the other one answered "Because i still love them no matter what."
More days did pass and trouble appeared, the healthy cat was bringing some food and saw the other one beaten so bad. Slowly approaching it said "This only happened because you kept trusting." and the other one wheezing "I still do." One young human was passing by there, saw the hurt cat and approached with care the healthy cat kept hissing at him. He saw the sight and was touched to his core, the poor beaten cat protected by it's loving friend. The human resolved to pick up the cat and as he approached the beaten one said "It's ok, this one is good. Let him take me and you come with us." The human picked up the poor beaten cat and looked at the other with gentle regard. "No way the other cat said" and then ran away.
The human did take the cat to the vet and yes it was in a very bad shape. The human adopted the poor little cat and kept it well tended and properly fed. It took nearly a year before it was back to it's former well self. 
And so was that the trusting cat now had a home unlike the untrusting cat. They both lived a lot until they were old, one with a family the other alone. One was loved and spoiled the other one hated and chased.  
Time went by and the kittens turned cats

The tale of the cats

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